Proceedings of the ANDROID Doctoral School 2013

Srinath Perera, Hans Jorgen Henriksen, Alexandra Revez, Irina Shklovski

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The Doctoral School initiative which was set up by the ANDROID network is a core element of the overall project that aims to strengthen the link between research and teaching in the area of disaster resilience. The mixed teaching space that we have developed as part of this ongoing project has attempted to encourage and promote the work of doctoral students in this field. The ANDROID disaster resilience network doctoral school consists of two programmes: 1. Online Doctoral School (ODS) and 2. Residential Doctoral School (RDS) The interlinked programmes work together to deliver on a varied number of teaching and research driven objectives. The online doctoral school which was conducted in Spring 2013 provided an innovative platform to transfer and develop the knowledge base of doctoral candidates. This was achieved through the conduct of a series of domain expert presentations along with thematic sessions aimed at engaging the doctoral researchers in knowledge discovery through detailed discussion. The online doctoral school will be rolled out again in Spring 2014. The Residential Doctoral School programme (2013) has aimed to actively engage the students in presenting and discussing their research projects. It has involved the development and submission of an original piece of research which has been peer reviewed by experts within the field. The RDS process included a scholarship award to attend a two day event which entailed a panel review of the work of the students and dissemination of this work to a wider audience. For this purpose the ANDROID network international conference in Cyprus ran parallel to the Residential Doctoral School. All selected candidates were also able to join the International conference which included key contributions from UNISDR ‘Making Cites Resilient campaign’ delivered by Jerry Velasquez and Abhilash Panda from the Advocacy and Outreach Section (UN Office for Disaster Risk Reduction). Additionally the three best papers from the students were selected to be presented at the main ANDROID conference.
Original languageEnglish
PublisherUniversity of Salford
Number of pages146
ISBN (Print)9781907842528
Publication statusPublished - Feb 2014


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