Re-learning typography: introducing a cross-disciplinary typographic framework

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This paper represents a key stage of Yee's PhD research. It outlines the data gathering that utilised a combination of empirical methods and action research projects to form a new conceptual framework for the understanding and practice of screen-based typography. It focuses on the research undertaken, the methodology used and the findings from two stages of the study. The paper concludes by outlining a new cross-typographic framework that Yee has developed. The research focuses on text-based communication in a multi-modal environment, typographic education for digital media and practice-based research methods for designers. Her consultancy work involves developing research-led design solutions for application across different delivery media. This includes understanding user and interaction issues and developing a human-centred approach to design problems. (e.g.: Yee, RAE Output 4; where surrogate users were explored as a research tool to elicit user information). Yee also delivered an earlier paper on the topic of this research; ‘The Typographic Dilemma: Reconciling The Old With The New Using A New Cross Disciplinary Typographic Framework’ at the 2nd International Conference on Typography and Visual Communication, 2004, Thessaloniki, Greece; This paper posits that the current typographic framework derived from the print medium is no longer sufficient to address the growing differences between print and screen media. Yee’s framework purports that the approach and knowledge-base used to teach typography must be modified to reflect the challenges posed by media convergence, where transferable global skills are emphasised across a range of media. Also, that the knowledge base has to be expanded to include specialist skills derived from technological and social changes in communication technologies.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - Nov 2004
EventFutureground: Design Research Society Conference - Melbourne, Australia
Duration: 1 Nov 2004 → …


ConferenceFutureground: Design Research Society Conference
Period1/11/04 → …


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