Relocating Land, Memory and Place

Archie Moore, Matthew Johnson, Thomas Johnson, Howard Dickinson, Matt Calder

Research output: Other contribution


How can we know what it means to experience land in totally different parts of the world? How does the land, its raw matter and our use of it shape us and our views of ourselves? This film traces the (literally) ground breaking exhibition by Aboriginal Australian artist Archie Moore, who attempts to replicate the raw features of his childhood environment and experiences of clay in System Gallery, Newcastle. The film maps Moore's creation of an Australian landscape using 1 tonne of terracotta as well as elements of his hometown of Tara, Queensland in June 2015. As part of ‘A Cross-cultural Working Group on “Good Culture” and Precariousness’, the exhibition sought to make sense of and identify paths to discussion through the radical cultural difference at play in interactions between people from Aboriginal Australian communities around Brisbane and people from Ashington, Northumberland as they developed guidelines for collective responses to insecure neoliberal circumstances.
Original languageEnglish
Media of outputFilm
Publication statusPublished - 2015
Externally publishedYes

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