Rethinking digital construction: a study of BIM uptake capability in BIM infant construction industries

Onaopepo Adeniyi, Niraj Thurairajah, Feyisetan Omoshalewa Leo-olagbaye

Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review


Practitioners have reported a minimal and non-use of BIM, especially in small and medium-sized organisations and BIM infant construction industries. This development calls for a reappraisal of organisations’ strength in capabilities required for BIM uptake towards the target of global construction digitalisation. This study aims to assess the BIM Level 2 uptake capability of organisations in a BIM infant construction industry and identify the underlying interactions between the capability criteria. The study employed a multivariable analysis of fifteen descriptors identified from the people, process, policy, finance, and technology domain. Data collection was done in a BIM infant construction industry, Nigeria. Verification of the descriptors and an evaluation of BIM uptake capability in organisations was done. Seventy-three (73) responses were received within the selected context and data analysis was done with mean weighting and Exploratory Factor Analysis (EFA). Maximum Likelihood extraction and Direct Oblimin rotation were used. Factor analysis revealed three factors that explained 53.28% of the total variance in the BIM Level 2 uptake capability of construction organisations. The factors are workforce capacity and continuous development, an affinity for innovation, strength on physical and operational facilities. This study provides an overarching and insightful discussion on BIM uptake capability and construction digitalisation with evidence from a BIM infant construction industry. The findings of this study are a piece of valuable empirical evidence on Level 2 BIM uptake capability. This empirical situation analysis will inform the advocacy on the advancement of BIM and enhanced utilisation of building information. A piece of evidence on the capability performance of the BIM infant construction industry has been revealed. The outcome is expected to stir debate on the preparedness of organisations to further exploit the benefits of BIM in BIM infant construction industry. Examination of the capability for a particular phase of BIM is scanty in the literature.
Original languageEnglish
JournalConstruction Innovation: Information, Process, Management
Publication statusAccepted/In press - 14 Sep 2022


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