Saltwell Park interpretation : touchscreen and video diary

Kathryn McKelvey, Fiona Raeside-Elliott, Trevor Sewell, Jamie Steane

Research output: Other contribution


This project, commissioned by Gateshead Council and funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund (£21M), concerned the renovation of Saltwell Park, back to its former Victorian splendour, and the rebuilding of Saltwell Towers, designed and built by William Wailes, a local glass manufacturer, around 1850-1862. McKelvey led the multimedia design team; managing collaboration and liaison with the client. She gathered and edited video and stills diary footage for the touch-screen and television display. She also researched material to gain an understanding of the history and renovation of the park to aid with editing image content, logging video footage, utilising storyboards and editing explanatory voice-overs. McKelvey further devised and added subtitles for accessibility purposes and carried out a variety of tests and rough cuts with the footage before deciding on an approach that communicated exactly what was required. A building was created to educate visitors about the park, using the pedagogic materials developed by McKelvey. The target market was the local community and tourists. The project elements included; an interactive touch-screen and video diary, screened on a television, triggered by the movement of the user showing an ‘interpretation’ of the renovation of Saltwell Park. This educational tool has a deliberately ‘immediate’ mode of instruction, designed to encourage the audiences to enquire further about the subject. This is the innovative, inclusive usability element of the tool. It is currently displayed in Saltwell Towers, Saltwell Park, Gateshead. Extra footage was added to the interface in 2005, for the ‘One Year On’ phase, which included final planting, completion of the Towers and the official opening. The project explores the communication design process but instead of print-based medium McKelvey’s interest is in the underlying research question of how to utilise digital media to research, organise, evaluate, create, and communicate design content to a relevant audience.
Original languageEnglish
PublisherGateshead Council
Publication statusPublished - 1 Jul 2004


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