Same Difference: Equinox to Equinox: Group open-air performance in Hexham, Northumberland produced by Neon Arts

Research output: Non-textual formPerformance


  • Helen Collard (Performer)
  • Grace Denton (Performer)
  • David Fudge (Performer)
  • Richard J. Hall (Performer)
  • Joanna Hutton (Performer)
  • Sandra Johnston (Performer)
  • Liz Pavey (Performer)
  • Simon Raven (Performer)
  • Sarah Riseborough (Performer)
  • James Routledge (Performer)
  • Francesca Steele (Performer)
  • James Watts (Performer)



Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 22 Sep 2016
EventSame Difference: Equinox to Equinox : a collaboration of 37 Performance Art Groups worldwide making public group action - Multiple Locations
Duration: 22 Sep 201622 Sep 2016
Publication type

Research output: Non-textual formPerformance


The Belfast-based artist collective, Bbeyond, invited artists around the globe to take part in Same Difference: Equinox to Equinox on 22 September 2016, by making a group public performance in their own city, and recording it by video. Around 40 artist groups worldwide took part, comprising almost 300 artists.
Neon Arts was pleased to help initiate a group open-air performance in Hexham, Northumberland, on 22 September 2016, between 18:00hrs and 19:00hrs at the bandstand in The Sele park. The artists each brought a chair to the bandstand, to use in their performance, the start being signalled by the six o'clock chime of the Abbey bells and ending with the seven o'clock chime.