Searching for an agile approach to methods and methodology in the mobile arena.

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This paper describes an investigation into the synthesis of user information behavior models and technological models of mobile computing to provide a new approach to smart/mobile user testing. Smartphone take-up has exploded growing faster than any consumer technology in history. This technology has altered the way we communicate and has become a key source of information that has surpassed email as the core communication mechanism (Naughton, 2012). To design tests for mobile applications that are workable and useful to a Smartphone user there needs to be an appreciation of the many situations and contexts. Tests need to consider different technological configurations and environments, ignoring these factors could have serious implications on use and device interaction. It has been noted that many mobile testing practices “lack the realism” (Kjeldskov & Stage, 2004). With a field evolving rapidly researchers are developing new test methods and adapting existing ones to support these technological advancements. These methods need to be continually challenged to support the mobile development community.
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Publication statusPublished - 10 Mar 2014
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