Sociomateriality and disabled individuals’ identity work: a critical poststructuralist research agenda

Sandra Corlett, Jannine Williams, Jennifer Meindel

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This paper responds to calls to rebalance the role of materiality in identity work. Taking a critical poststructuralist approach to identity work and a relational ontology perspective on sociomateriality, we explore how a ‘disabled’ person’s identity work is shaped by and responds to the influences of embodied practices and material arrangements within the workplace. We achieve this by reviewing the notion of sociomateriality as a "constitutive entanglement" (Orlikowski, 2007: 1437) of the material and the human. More specifically, we discuss how disabled individuals are constituted through sociomaterial relations and practices involving the body, assistive technology and mundane artefacts. This paper, therefore, contributes to the emerging interest, in identity studies, on the role of the material within identity work, and, in Disability Studies, to the entanglement of the social and material in constructions of disability as difference.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 26 Feb 2013
EventBritish Academy of Management - Liverpool
Duration: 26 Feb 2013 → …


ConferenceBritish Academy of Management
Period26/02/13 → …


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