Supporting women to give birth at home: a practical guide for midwives

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upporting Women to Give Birth at Home describes and discusses the main challenges and issues that midwives and maternity services encounter when preparing for and attending a home birth. To ensure that a home birth is a real option for women, midwives need to be able to believe in a woman’s ability to give birth at home and to promote this birth option, providing evidence-based information about benefits and risks.

This practical guide will help midwives to have the necessary skills, resources and confidence to support homebirth. The book includes:

the present birth choices a woman has
the implications homebirth has upon midwifery practice
how midwives can prepare and support women and their families
the midwife’s role and responsibilities
national and local policies, guidelines and available resources
pain management options
With a range of recent home birth case studies brought together in the final chapter, this accessible text provides a valuable insight into those considering homebirth. Supporting Women to Give Birth at Home will be of interest to students studying issues around normal birth and will be an important resource for clinically based midwives, in particular community based midwives, home birth midwifery teams, independent midwives, and all who are interested in homebirth as a genuine choice.
Original languageEnglish
PublisherTaylor & Francis
Number of pages288
ISBN (Electronic) 9780203324035
ISBN (Print)9780415560306
Publication statusPublished - 2012


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