Teaching and Learning with Technology – Analysis of the impact of technology on Higher Education.

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Technology is central to learning in Higher Education. This learning style has been in the vanguard of ensuring continuity of study for many students worldwide during the 2020 pandemic. This chapter examines the impact of teaching and learning using technology from a theoretical and practitioner perspective. It utilizes the experiences of a practitioner who has worked in this field over the past 20 years. This chapter contends that there are both positive and negative impacts of technology in learning and teaching. However, technology is now central to enhancing learning, and using a constructivist approach can be the most effective learning strategy when using technology. Professional development is potentially a key focus area of added value when using technology as a learning medium.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationVirtual and Classroom Learning in Higher Education: A Guide to Effective Online Teaching.
EditorsVakul Bansal, Atul Bansal, Muhanned I. Alfarras, D.N Rao, Rajendran Thavasimuthu
Place of PublicationUAE
PublisherBentham Science Publications, Singapore
ISBN (Electronic)9781681089287
ISBN (Print)9781681089294
Publication statusPublished - 1 Nov 2021

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