The Evolution of the Gender Pay Gap: A Comparative Perspective

Frances Hamilton (Editor), Elisabeth Griffiths (Editor)

Research output: Book/ReportBookpeer-review


Through interdisciplinary research, this book explores the continued cause of the significant gender pay gap that still exists in many countries today. This gap persists despite a wide range of measures having been introduced to protect women at work. Internationally varied approaches which have been attempted include prohibiting discrimination, maternity leave, maternity pay, health and safety protections for pregnant workers, tax breaks, childcare vouchers, shared parental leave and gender pay gap reporting. This volume makes a significant and original contribution by tackling the topic through fresh historical and activist approaches, specific consideration of certain professions and topical issues such as the gig economy, treatment of carers post coronavirus and developing approaches to prosecuting pay equity claims. Our comparative approach interrogates how countries studied in this volume have had varying approaches and differing success in tackling this pervasive issue of gender pay gap. Lessons to learn regarding policy reform, are included in chapters from authors based not only in the UK, but in the US, Australia and the Republic of Ireland and fully developed in the conclusion.
Original languageEnglish
Place of PublicationLondon
Number of pages320
ISBN (Electronic)9781003333951
ISBN (Print)9781032368160
Publication statusPublished - 6 Nov 2023

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