Towards a holistic framework of design competence

John Gribbin, Robert Young, Mersha Aftab

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This article focuses on the development of a holistic competence framework that highlights the relationship between knowledge, attitude, skill and capability within the field of design management and design led innovation. Whilst individual expertise in the aforementioned attributes are important to individual performance, it is argued that becoming an expert in design ultimately originates from a combination of these attributes and the ability to apply them in any given context. The article derives a framework through a systematic review of the design competence literature, before applying this framework to a case study based on a postgraduate design project. The case study provides an insight into the competence held and developed by individuals at a postgraduate level multidisciplinary design-led innovation practice course, providing a foundation for future study in the area. The framework is capable of mapping the transition of competence from the novice designer to an expert who has mastered the ability to apply competence to any given context and as such offers a unique insight into design competence, given that current models primarily focus on education alone with little discussion of transition into design management, design-led innovation and its practice.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 28 Jul 2016
Event19th Academic Design Management Conference - Boston, USA
Duration: 28 Jul 2016 → …


Conference19th Academic Design Management Conference
Period28/07/16 → …


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