Triptic. Una Acción utópica en tres actos: Parte del laboratorio urbano y exposición Alter Polis

Translated title of the contribution: Triptic: An utopian action in three acts: Part of the Alter Polis urban laboratory and exhibition

Pablo Martinez Capdevila, David Franco, Luca Brunelli, Ana Bonet Miro, Izabela Wieczorek

Research output: Non-textual formExhibition


If the idea of an urban utopia is still of any interest today, it is if understood as a vector of transformation linked to reality; as an ideological strategy that we only believe in half-heartedly, but which is capable of injecting energy into a concrete situation, rather than as a final and static state to which we should come as close as possible.
To construct this new notion of utopia it is necessary to betray, at least, two of the conventional characteristics of the term: its uniqueness (utopia as a single horizon that in itself rules out the existence of any other utopias); and its totality (utopia as an ideological structure that affects all aspects of reality).
Ours is, therefore, a multiple and partial utopia, a triptych made up of three successive scenes, which explore three impossible dreams three impossible dreams about a fragment of the urban reality of Madrid.
The first step consists of dismantling the vision of the distcit as a solid and compact mass, indistinguishable from other areas of historic European cities, to become an open, luminous and pulsating structure, ready to be rediscovered through radical transformations. This different outlook, which reveals a new and at the same time familiar environment, is materialised in the three-dimensional rendering of the Maravillas district and its surroundings through a translucent model, which allows light to permeate the buildings, turning them into dematerialised masses of pure energy in a potential state.
The only utopia that we are interested in is the one which is capable of incorporating the world of reality and then transforming it. The one that crystallises into a working method and strategy, and not into an ideological structure. The one, in short, that can be abandoned, sooner or later, in order to adopt a new one.
Translated title of the contributionTriptic: An utopian action in three acts: Part of the Alter Polis urban laboratory and exhibition
Original languageSpanish
Place of PublicationMadrid, Spain
PublisherMatadero Madrid
Publication statusPublished - 10 Nov 2008
Externally publishedYes
EventAlter Polis: Urban Research Laboratory and Exhibition - Intermedia-Matadero Madrid Art Centre, Madrid, Spain
Duration: 15 May 200830 Oct 2009

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