Twist : linking banner display system

Stuart English

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English was instrumental in the design and creation of intellectual property (IP) on which the ‘Twist’ banner system relies. Exhibitions and industry reviews are available at: English developed his research ideas and knowledge concerning IP origination and management through professional practice in association with Glenelg Developments; a product development consultancy firm, based in Leeds. English’s design practice on the ‘Twist’ project inspired him to develop a series of IP management seminars in 2005/6, concerning the process of product- innovation and development for SMEs. The seminars were developed in collaboration with Ward Hadaway Solicitors and led to a Collaborative Innovative Partnership (CIP), supported by the regional development agency, ONE North East. The aim of the CIP is to develop a new service - Value Innovation Modelling - to add to the company’s existing intellectual property business. The service will identify and quantify untapped commercial value in client companies’ know-how and will provide the support to develop, protect and exploit newly acquired knowledge. Information on this service can be found at, along with a collaborative forum for the development of research papers. CIP associate, Tim Moor, is developing a PhD proposal under the supervision of English and Hilton, focussing on value-innovation in regional companies. Further development of patents and designs by Glenelg Developments is ongoing and embodies a patented innovation enabling the dynamic tensioning of a banner graphic. Whilst Eve Products is still only four years old, its sales of Twist grew in excess of £600,000 in 2007
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 13 Apr 2003


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