Using games to enhance the learning and teaching of genomics in nursing

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Whole genome screening is now being implemented into the patient pathway for a number of common conditions thus moving genomics into mainstream care. Such a radical transformation of service delivery requires practitioners to integrate genomics into their practice.
The teaching and learning of this contemporary subject remain challenging. Student nurses have questioned the relevance of this subject to their everyday practice and reported difficulty in translating the fundamental concepts of genomics into patient care. Equally teachers of nursing perceive lack of confidence and expertise as barriers to engaging with genetic and genomic content.
A novel pedagogical approach in addressing these deficits in learning and teaching of genomics is by utilising a games based approached. Games are reported to create effective learning environments and encourage problem solving and decision making in a less intimidating and fun way. Using games appears to provide ‘flexible pedagogy’ so teachers can facilitate inquiry- based learning rather than teach in a didactic fashion.
The aim of this poster is to demonstrate how a range of games allowed students and teachers explore and compare real-life experiences vs. what is evidence-based practice. A flipped classroom approach allowed students to examine lesson material on- line prior to classroom activity. First exposure learning allowed them to learn the main concepts at their own pace. Games were the focus of the lessons which encouraged discussion and debate. Through active learning students developed curiosity about genomic concepts facilitating theory and practice cohesion. Importantly games also enabled teachers to relate genomic principles to their area of expertise resulting in more confidence in teaching this subject.
In the questionnaire evaluation of the pilot lessons students and teachers both expressed positive experiences when using games to explore a number of genomic concepts. There is scope for further exploration amongst a wider range of students.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 26 Apr 2022
EventRCN education forum virtual conference and exhibition - On line
Duration: 26 Apr 202227 Jul 2022


ConferenceRCN education forum virtual conference and exhibition


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