Mousa Marzband

Senior Lecturer



Research Student Supervision Interests

1- Dynamic modelling/representation of Distribution Network Demand for transmission network 2- Introducing and optimal positioning/allocation of FACTS devices in National Grid network 3- Developing high accuracy zonal reduced models for NG transmission network 4- Minimization Of Load shedding In Microgrid In Presence Of Electric Vehicle 5- Designing and Building Flexible Energy Management Optimum System Based on Power-Electronic in the home microgrids 6- Efficient integration of plug-in electric vehicles via reconfigurable microgrids 7- Flexibility in multi-energy communities with electrical and thermal storage

Organisational affiliations

Education/Academic qualification

  • PhD, Electrical Engineering

    31 Jan 2014 - 31 Dec 2099

Professional Qualifications

  • Member, Institute of Electrical & Electronic Engineers (IEEE)

    26 Sep 2017 -