Clare Watt


Research interests

I am a space plasma physics specialist with a keen interest in space weather. In short, this means I am interested in many aspects of Earth's space plasma environment: the magnetosphere, the Radiation Belts, substorms and more! Right now, I use my knowledge of kinetic space plasma physics, numerical modelling, and stochastic processes to consider the physics of Earth's outer radiation belt. This is a golden age of space plasma physics observations and I am excited to use the enormous NASA Van Allen Probes data sets to discover more about space weather for satellites.

I lead a small team who use numerical modelling, machine learning, and more traditional data analysis techniques to probe the mysteries of the high-energy environment in Earth's outer radiation belt. Check back soon for details of new PhD projects!

We also work in national space weather consortia with colleagues at the British Antarctic Survey, Mullard Space Science Laboratory/UCL, Imperial College London and the University of Sheffield (



Organisational affiliations

Education/Academic qualification

  • PhD, Physics, University of Cambridge

    Wave-particle interactions and anomalous resistivity in collisionless space plasmas

    1 Oct 1998 - 23 Dec 2001
  • BSc (Hons), Mathematical Physics, University of Aberdeen

    1st Class Honours degree in Mathematics-Physics

    20 Sep 1994 - 10 Jun 1998