Guillaume Zoppi

Associate Professor

Research interests

My research background is in the area of thin film photovoltaics where layers one or two microns thick are used to absorb sun light and generate electricity. Despite half a century of tremendous progress the technology offers so much more and the prospects are very exciting. As an experimentalist I like spending my time whenever possible in the lab getting involved with the team in fabricating or characterising new layers and structures. Getting your first working device is always an event and I remember mine even though it was a long time ago.

Funded projects

  • EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Renewable Energy Northeast Universities (ReNU) (EP/S023836/1) (2019-2027) £5.4M (100% fEC value) (Co-I);
  • EPSRC (EP/R021503/1) North East Centre for Energy Materials (NECEM), (2017-2021) £330k within a £2.2M programme (100% fEC value) (Co-I);
  • EPSRC NECEM Flexible Grant, Nanoscale Interfacial Engineering of Antimony-based Absorber Material for PV Applications, (2019-2021) £206k (100% fEC value) (Co-I);
  • EPSRC CAMREG Flexible Fund, Fully depleted heterostructures: a novel thin-film solar cell architecture for improved device performance, (2018-2019) £14k within a £44k programme (100% fEC value) (Co-I);
  • EPSRC First Grant Scheme (EP/N024389/1), CZTSSe Solar Cells from Nanoparticle Inks, (2016-2018) £123k (100% fEC value) (PI);
  • UK–India (UKIERI/DST project (IND/CONT/E/13-14/657)) Development of Efficient low Cost Photovoltaic Solar Cells Based on the use of Tin Sulphide Absorber Layers, (2014-2016) £14k with a £22k programme (PI);
  • HEIF Innovation Project Award Development of 5W, 4-terminal Metal Strip Shunt Resistor, (2013) £12k (Co-I);
  • Royal Society Research Grant (RG120090) A Low Cost Nanostructure Fabrication System for Sustainable Solar Paint (2012-2013) £15k (Co-I);
  • The Royal Academy of Engineering Travel Grant (2010);
  • The Royal Society Travel Grant (2007).



Research Student Supervision Interests

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Education/Academic qualification

  • PhD, Physics

    1 Jan 2006 - 31 Dec 2099
  • MSc, Communication Studies

    1 Sep 2000 - 31 Dec 2099
  • BSc (Hons), Applied Physics

    1 Sep 1998 - 31 Dec 2099