Jamie Callahan


Research Student Supervision Interests

My research applies concepts of adult learning and organization studies to address issues of power and privilege in relation to marginalized groups' (especially women's) experiences of leadership, emotion management, and organizational contexts. My current research has two core strands. One applies gender mainstreaming approaches to facilitate equity within organizations. The other explores how academic activism can deconstruct power in higher education organizations to create equity within and beyond universities. If you are interested in working with me on a PhD, please contact me with a brief idea of your proposed project to initiate a dialogue and explore possible mutual interest.

Organisational affiliations

Education/Academic qualification

  • PhD, Human Resource Management, Tilburg University

    A framework of power: Shaping the 'critical' in human resource development

  • EdD, Education, George Washington University

    Emotion work as instrumental action: The pursuit of goals in an organizational context

    1 Aug 2016 - 31 Dec 2099
  • MA, Humanities, Georgetown University

    Chaucer's Prioress: Myth or misfit?

  • Engineering, United States Air Force Academy

Professional Qualifications

  • Academic Fellow, Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development (CIPD),

    1 Jul 2018 -