Kevin Muldoon-Smith

Senior Lecturer

Research interests

My principle areas of research interest are in three interelated areas:

1) Public Sector Finance – I am particularly interested in the nature and reform of land and property tax (Business Rates in the UK), its relationship with the changing world of work, and how this income can be retained for public policy objectives under conditions of austerity. I was recently called as an expert witness to the Communities and Local Government Select Committee into Business Rates.

2) Stranded Assets and Built Environment Adaptation – where I investigate how new demand and legislative drivers (for example global minimum energy use rules) are stranding property assets and how this threat can be countered through methods of adaptation.

3) Knowledge Management – inspired by the writing of Michael Polanyi, where I investigate the generation, dynamics and transference of tacit expertise in the face of new modes of learning, teaching and working (for example austerity and property tech).

I also work with Professor Paul Greenhalgh, conducting research into spatial modelling and dynamics of commercial property markets using information bi-products from national property valuation data and business rates.

Research Student Supervision Interests

How can central and local government use land value and real estate assets to fund public services: an international comparison (Advert Reference: RDF18/ABE/MULDOON-SMITH)

Organisational affiliations

Education/Academic qualification

  • MSc, Other Courses

    30 Jun 2012 - 31 Dec 2099
  • MSc, Cultural Studies

    30 Jun 2004 - 31 Dec 2099

Professional Qualifications

  • Fellow, Royal Geographical Society (RGS-IBS)

    1 Jan 2014 -