Matteo Sommacal

Senior Lecturer

Research interests

Matteo Sommacal is an expert in nonlinear waves, integrable systems and dynamical systems. In the theory of integrable systems, he mainly works on the mathematical models of 1- and 2-dimensional ferromagnetic systems at the nanometre length-scale, featuring uni-axial and bi-axial anisotropy, and on the problem of linear stability of scalar and multi-component, nonlinear partial differential equations of integrable type. In the theory of dynamical systems, he is one of the proponents of a mechanism to explain the onset of complex dynamics by means of an associated Riemann surface. He also researches on the appearance of slow chaos for a circular flow on a compact Riemann surface.



Organisational affiliations

Education/Academic qualification

  • PhD, Mathematics

    17 Oct 2005 - 31 Dec 2099
  • MSc, Physics

    26 Sep 2002 - 31 Dec 2099