Xuemei Bian


Research interests

Her main research interests are in consumer behaviour, branding, and advertising, with a focus on how judgments, evaluations and choice vary as a function of different decision-making strategies.  She has established an international reputation and recognition in two main research areas:

1) Consumption behaviour of counterfeit products.

2) advertising and consumer behaviour with a focus on the effects of model features (e.g., body size and facial expression) on brand/product judgment, consumer well-being, and behavioural tendency. 

Research Student Supervision Interests

Forthcoming Project (Commencing September 2020): Using Branding Strategies to Leverage Demand for Counterfeits (Primary Supervisor). Project 1 (Commenced September 2019): Impact of Counterfeits on Brands (Primary Supervisor). Project 2 (Commenced September 2018): Using Marketing Campaigns to Influence Consumer Demand for Counterfeits: Understanding and Addressing Moral Inertness (Primary supervisor). Project 3 (Commenced September 2018): Smart Tourism: Its Role in Enhancing Tourist Experience (Second supervisor). Project 4 (Commenced September 2018): Third Culture Kids and Brand Loyalty (Second supervisor).

Organisational affiliations