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Northumbria University

"The Northumbria creativity curriculum presents a detailed and systematic examination of the steps/workflow highlighting the goals at each stage of the design process and describes how digital and physical tools can be applied to help accomplish those goals. This approach to understanding and enhancing the entire process is something that all design instructors need to think about as it applies to their work."

—Glenn Katz, award-winning Stanford University educator and author of the Autodesk BIM for Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Management 2011 Curriculum

Northumbria University (NU) is an internationally acclaimed modern university in the northeast of England. It advocates a student-centered learning approach and the importance of reflective practice. The university has developed effective and robust teaching and learning strategies—based on sound pedagogy—to deal with an ever-changing higher education system. Autodesk is pleased to showcase this curriculum as a best practice in the field.

The Northumbria Curricula was produced by:

Paul Jones � Director of Architecture Programmes
Peter Holgate � March Programme Leader
David Hunt - Master Student Architectural Design
Oliver Jones � Lecturer Architectural Design